Erna Bergmann

Erna Bergmann is an Icelandic born fashion designer and stylist, she studied Master in design at the IAA. Erna has been engaged in the Reykjavík design and art life for a long time and has worked in various positions in the Icelandic fashion scene over the last decade. Her experience varies from designer, creative director, stylist, costume designer to editor in chief, fashion editor and a TV presenter. Her latest work is founding and publishing “Tímaritið Blæti”, an art driven fashion magazine/book and a sustainable swimwear brand called Swimslow.

Clients such as:
ELLE, Men´s Health, Vice, L´Oreal, Topshop, One Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Du Jour Magazine, HH Simonssen, Nude Magazine, Kringlan shopping mall, Smáralind shopping mall, Subway, Asics, Jagermeister, Unicef, Lemsip, Reyka Vodka, Joe & the Juice, Iglo+Indi, N1, Hreyfing, World Class, Olís, 365 media, Nova, Reykjavík Fashion Festival and various Icelandic fashion brands, retailers and musicians among others.

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