Flóra Karítas

Flóra Karítas

Flóra Karítas Buenano is a make up artist that has been working for MAC Cosmetics the last 8 years. She got into the MAC Event team and did make up for Copenhagen Fashion Week three times during her time with the company.
She started working part time for the Nation Theatre as well, and did that for 3 years.

Flóra finished first in her class the year 2008 from Emm School of Makeup which was based in Iceland during that time.
In 2013 she started freelancing  as a full time make up artist and does videos and print for advertisement, fashion, wedding make up, music videos and has taught in schools like Mood make up school and Snyrtiakademian

Some of her previous clients are: Stanley&Stella, Mashizan, Bricksmagazine, Joe Nimble, Six Mix, Kyrja, Hildur Yeoman, Milla Snorrason, Sigga Maija, Nude magazine, Nýtt líf, Icelandair, Smáralind, Nova, Zebra Katz, Samaris, Astrid

Assisted for Nike, Fabletics,Selected.

Flóra Karitas can do hair on request.